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Accurately locate aircraft components to obtain better fit

When it comes to positioning systems technology, Mtorres is setting the pace. In terms of quality, design and sheer product innovation, we’re passionate about giving customer nothing but the best.

So when it came to developing jig less range, we talked to some real experts, -our customer- and built the TPS based on the results of that research.

The Mtorres positioning system, TPS, is an in house developed system to accurately locate in space the aircraft components to allow the best fit among themselves. It is a new generation of reconfigurable assembly jigs equipped with integrated “on line” measurement systems and using NC controlled reconfiguration axes for parts motion / repositioning.

THE DATA:  This is the first system ever built to accurately position components in space for assembly purposes at commercial airplanes. Many others came afterwards.  

It reduces the assembly time required in the jig and it is capable of producing highly consistent and traceable assemblies substantially rising the overall quality standards. Mtorres positioning systems as an integrated system designed to support, measure and reposition the different parts involved at the final assembly position.

TPS positioning software is an Mtorres proprietary software package, that defines and controls all the system parameters related to the parts positioning process.

It takes more than a great product to make a great company; it takes experience, knowledge and total commitment.

You will find MTPS products throughout the globe in large multinationals and smaller scale in the supply chain.


Main feature

Automatic position system to locate in space the components to be assembled until a best fit status is achieved.

The Torres Positioning System TPS is a jigless solution to assemble components by setting them up in space, measure their real position, compare that real position with the theoretical one, reposition them and repeat this cycle as many times as needed to achieve the best fit of the components to be assembled.


  • As per customer specifications


  • Automatic Assembly of components using automatic measuring and repositioning systems to reach best fit.


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