Surface Milling Machine
TORRES SURFACE MILLING Machine is specially designed to substitute the traditional Chemical Milling for Mechanical Milling and still profiting of the great flexibility provided by the TORRESTOOL® Flexible Tooling system.
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Manufacturing process

Turning an idea into reality


We invite you to learn firsthand how the TORRES SURFACE MILLING is manufactured since the idea is conceived until it is put into production.


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Surface Milling Machine

The TORRES SURFACE MILLING is a machine specifically designed to perform mechanically the Aircraft skins thickness reduction process, traditionally executed using chemical milling.

This solution includes a Vertical TORRESMILL® 5 axis milling machine, a TORRESTOOL® Flexible Tooling system plus another column with a 5 axis configuration, TORRESHOLDER, located at the back side of the installation.

Its application is to machine fuselage or wing skin panels pockets, for weight reduction purposes, therefore eliminating the traditional Chemical Milling process.

THE DATA:  It is the most effective solution to substitute the traditional Chemical Milling process providing a more efficient and environmentally friendly solution. This is the future today.

All three machines work simultaneously. While the TORRESTOOL® supports the panel on space, the TORRESMILL® performs the surface milling process, to mill the pockets on the panel. Simultaneously, and working interpolated with the TORRESMILL®, the TORRESHOLDER supports the panel from its backside to, on the one hand avoid panel deflections while machined and on the other hand, to measure on real time the actual panel thickness, via a built-in ultrasonic measuring system, Pulse/Echo type, to ensure no overruns by the TORRESMILL® on its machining process, therefore keeping accurate final panel thickness.

After the surface milling process is done, the TORRESMIL®, performs the routing and drilling process, as a regular TORRESMILL® and TORRESTOOL®. The cell has a sophisticated built in executive software package (HMI) to allow an extremely easy machine operation and maintenance.

Optionally, a set of postprocessors for all three machines involved on the cell can be provided to generate the part program.



Main feature

Three different systems working together for efficiency and the environment.

The addition of three machines, TORRESMILL, TORRESTOOL and TORRESHOLDER working together and integrated allows an accurate machining of the fuselage skin panels pockets, measuring on real time by means of a built in Ultrasonic Measuring  system, the actual pocket thickness. This is a huge step that substitutes the traditional chemical milling process and its environmental concerns.


  • TORRESMILL® 5-Axes Vertical Gantry CNC High Speed Milling Machine
  • TORRESHOLDER 5-Axes Vertical Gantry CNC holding device
  • TORRESTOOL® Multi-Flexible Universal Holding Fixture System
  • System for measurement and evaluation of thickness and contour control


  • Skin Panels Pocket milling substituting the traditional Chemical Milling Process.


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